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“Yes, please send me a copy of “Free Sessions That Sell 5.0” to try for an initial payment of just $199.80. I understand that if I decide to keep it, Christian will finance it for me & I’ll pay just 9 additional monthly payments of $199.80.

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“Yes, I understand that “Free Sessions That Sell 5.0” will teach me how to sign up new clients –right on the spot & it comes with”:
  • Audio CDs
  • Coaching Contracts
  • The Coaching Forms Booklet (includes the Progress Tracker, Client Intake Forms, Field Guides, & More) and
  • The 196-page manual
  • Free Sessions That Sell “Practice & Critique” (2 CDs)
  • Free Sessions That Sell “Demo Videos (2 DVDs)
  • The Coaching Buddies Community

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  • Confident Coach (2 CDs) (worth: $300
  • Stop Losing Clients (CD) (worth: $500
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Full Pay Bonuses: Three More Powerful Training Programs...
- The Coaching Business Plan Tool Kit (3 DVDs & workbook)– worth $500
Perfect Niche - Perfect Niche (CD) – worth $200
Website Machine - How To Turn Your Website Into a Money Making Machine (DVD) – worth $300

Total Worth: $1,000

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“Yes, I understand that there are only 4 “Full Pay” packages available and if I’m seeing it offered, there is at least 1 available for me to take right now.”

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